Saturday, December 27, 2008

Was holiday sales in the dumpster for you?

As I read the paper this morning, I wasn't surprised to learn about the drop off in holiday sales this year. But, wow, a 34+% drop in luxury items such as jewelry! Even the rich are scaling back? Or are we settling for necessities?

The drop in electronics and appliances (over 25%) means there should be some clearance sales and opportunities. Too bad I already bought my new 32" LCD for the bedroom. That I got online on Black Friday.

I have been shopping for electronics and cameras on line for years. I do not understand why others do not follow. You do all the research on line for the best items to buy. Why not purchase on line?

No reason that I see, once you learn to do the same research work on the merchants. I try to protect myself as much as possible. I want someone with a phone number I can call. I would like to pay with PayPal if I can.

I always search for a "promo code" with the name of the merchant before I purchase. Who knows what kind of a further discount I can get? It works with GoDaddy!

Speaking of online sales, they were down also, by over 2%. But, on the opposite side of the paper another story ran about Seems this year was their very best year!

I am optimistic that online sales will grow at a faster pace than normal retail sales. In fact, I am putting my efforts into it.

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