Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes You Can Apply Basic Selling Techniques to Your Web Marketing

Admit it if you are clueless about what Web E-Marketing is all about and want to start doing something about securing your future!

I read a statement on the Web recently about small business owners with Websites who just don’t get it. And how, frankly, they are being left behind by the “I do get it!” crowd. Why is this? Because they neither take the time nor pay the freight.

My personal view is Web E-Marketing is simply all about getting people to buy from you. It is not about rankings or Search Engine Optimization or pay per click advertising. It is about marketing your product or service, generating traffic (or potential customers) and selling your proposition.

Every professional salesperson knows the drill. However, too many business owners are not professional salespeople. If you fall into that category, there is good news. Salesmanship is a learned art not something you are merely born with.

If you doubt your results you must first ask yourself some questions. Some of your answers may be disturbing, so prepare yourself. First of all, be honest in your answers.

What makes you unique? Where is your niche? How are you different from your competitors rather than the same? And, how can you capitalize and leverage your uniqueness on the Web?

Keep the faith. You can do an honest assessment and learn the basics of E-marketing. Look, you have come this far with your business, do not stand at the sidelines and wait for the lotto. You can take it to the next level. Take the time and the road to success is yours on the information highway.

To be continued….

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Learn to Apply Today’s Chicago Tribune Article to Search Engine Optimization

An article appeared in today’s Chicago Tribune that has many lessons that can be applied to E-marketing your Web business. Part of the secondary headline caught my attention as did several parts of the story. Sandra M. Jones talks about retailers using special services to promote sales in the article .

Some of her very interesting observations follow. “Shoppers are motivated by price more than anything these days….” Sales are everywhere and shoppers “..are tuning out the endless barrage..”

She quotes Theresa Williams of Indiana University: “…there has to be a new approach rather than just run another sale.”

In this recession a sale is not merely enough. Ms. Jones continues: “Merchants are putting away their red pens and drumming up novel ways to tout a bargain without cutting into profits.”

Sandra mentions loyalty programs, new and creative ways to get people to shop, and more. As an example, Bottega M, an Oak Park (IL) shop, lets customers bring in old clothing and their seamstresses can be hired to do alterations.

The days of unbridled affluence and unlimited credit are gone and people are just not spending the way they used to with . Part of the change, according to Nancy Koehn of the Harvard Business School, is “the rise in consumer information…” People search the Web and “…find the best price for just about anything..” Add to that “..the decline of imaginative merchants.”

Read the rest of the story.

“Holy Toledo, Batman!” as Robin would say to his crime solving partner. I am sure we, as Webmasters, can all learn how to better promote ourselves if we study these principles and apply them. If we promote our passion and dare to be different.

Sell what makes you different, not what makes you the same. Identify a market niche where you excel. Learn about free tools available to do it yourself e-market on the Web. Commit to the sweat equity and use those tools to promote your business which will drive visitors to your Website. Learn more about do it yourself Web marketing at our Website.

You Can Learn to E-Market your Website from Newspaper Articles!

I must confess I am a reader of “print” newspapers and magazines. I prefer them to electronic versions. Although papers are shrinking more and more daily, I still like washing the ink stains from my hands.

I especially like reading two papers on Sunday mornings while watching Sunday Morning and George Stephanopoulos. The time spent in front of the TV is shorter with DVR recording and fast forwarding through commercials. However, since the size of the newspapers is smaller, it thus compensates.

In the past there were many times I could not finish the papers until after both programs ended. This was especially true when there were some really interesting segments. Now it seems I finish well ahead of the programs.

Where is Andy Rooney?

Later I’ll be sharing a very interesting newspaper article with you which can help with your E-marketing and Web Business.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Basic Building Blocks of a Web Business

My love is organic search engine optimization and do it yourself marketing to promote Judy's business, A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. Why? Because it only takes time! Time to learn, then time to implement, then time to tweak.

Through years of research and intuitive exploring I have gathered a wealth of information and references. I've learned that pretty sites even if well optimized don't draw traffic nor resulting sales. I also learned that what you "think" is great may not be to your audience. I also learned than most self acclaimed "gurus" are really not.

There comes a time when everyone must market. You have to get the word out through appropriate channels so people can find you. Then see if they buy! If not, reinvent yourself. That's what we have done on the Web, several times.

The basic building blocks are -
• determine your niche market through research work,
• construct your site based on the message you wish to convey,
• make sure people can navigate your site easily,
• "sell" your product,
• optimize for organic search results,
• add analytics and learn to use,
• market, market, market, market, etc.
• tweak all of the above...

Sites can have flaws and people will always criticize them. (I still have not optimized fully myself!) In the end, it boils down to whether you accomplish your goals, make sales and stay in business.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

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