Saturday, July 18, 2009

You Can Learn to E-Market your Website from Newspaper Articles!

I must confess I am a reader of “print” newspapers and magazines. I prefer them to electronic versions. Although papers are shrinking more and more daily, I still like washing the ink stains from my hands.

I especially like reading two papers on Sunday mornings while watching Sunday Morning and George Stephanopoulos. The time spent in front of the TV is shorter with DVR recording and fast forwarding through commercials. However, since the size of the newspapers is smaller, it thus compensates.

In the past there were many times I could not finish the papers until after both programs ended. This was especially true when there were some really interesting segments. Now it seems I finish well ahead of the programs.

Where is Andy Rooney?

Later I’ll be sharing a very interesting newspaper article with you which can help with your E-marketing and Web Business.

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