Thursday, February 12, 2009

Using Statistics When You Start an E-Marketing Web Campaign.

In this market you have a choice...stay stagnant or do something, for it's better than nothing. If business is great (and you anticipate it continuing) do the former and count your money all the way to the bank! If you are not satisfied with your business, then I suggest you do the later.

Before you start any E-Marketing campaign you need to set a goal. As you proceed with your tactics, you need measuring sticks to determine your progress. Does something you do cause a reaction or not? How do you know?

Measuring sticks include sales of products and services, as well as sales trends and comparisons. Log on line sales as well as local sales (if applicable). As for your Website and blogs...unique visitor hits, Web pages browsed, exit pages, etc.

You should log telephone inquiries, emails, etc. Try to differentiate between local advertising, referrals, as well as Web based sources.

Note when you try something different to see if there is a significant change in any of the patterns. Some are sort term, while others are long term. When you find a key that brings results, hit on it hard!!!!

But you must try and experiment, analyze and improve, then try some more. These are the Web challenges facing us today in the competitive markets. But these techniques work for us, and they can work for you!

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