Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 Reasons to Hire a Creative Web Designer – Sorry, but I don't agree.

The comment beneath this LinkedIn discussion headline read: “Website is all about the way you design it! No matter how much marketing you do, or how quality-filled products and services you offer, it is designing that gets you the actual recognition.”

My comment: “Can't agree less. A pretty Website without traffic is like a bright billboard on a road with no traffic after it was bypassed by a superhighway. It's like a Cubic zirconia bright, shiny and optically flawless - but basically worthless.

“There are no absolutes in building a successful Web business. It takes a combination of graphic art design, Web development and E-Marketing to complete the entire picture. Cash is king, traffic drives sales. Beauty is skin deep.”

Do you have a thought or comment on my comment?

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