Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do It Youself Search Engine Optimization Tips from Google's Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts gives some great common sense do it yourself search engine optimization tips. I posted a video on our site for your to view, and offer additional free tips.

He talks about a lot of the same tips I discuss:

1. Use a common sense approach, Think about what people will type into the search bar to find your site and make sure those words (a.k.a. keywords) are on your page.

2. Write a good Title Tag to appear in search engine results.

3. Make sure your MetaTag Description does describe the page it leads to.

4. Write a BLOG! It's not that difficult once you learn about it.

5. Get involved with and learn how to use social media sites.

6. You don't have to pay to get Google to know who you are. You can submit your Website directly and add maps to guide them along.

Contact me for any questions.

Remember, we are here to get you optimized!

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